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Quality and Cost-efficient Method for Brush Removal

Dave's Tree Works has the knowledge and the equipment to take care of your masticating needs. Depending on your property needs our team can select from our Takeuchi TL12-R2 Skid Steer with a 6-foot FAE Mulching Head, or for Steep terrain we utilize our Takeuchi TB260 with an extending 20' arm and FAE Mulching Head to grind and chip fuels such as small trees, shrubs, vines, scotch broom, manzanita, and blackberries into small pieces, making your property more usable and fire safe. By masticating fuels, we reduce the potential for wildfires, restore health to the forest and help create defensible space around your home. Mastication is the most productive, low-impact cost-efficient method for removal of brush and undergrowth from your property. Brush masticating may be used in conjunction with our other tree services to provide all-around land care for your home. We will work with you to create a fire safety plan tailored to your specific property needs and budget.

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